Inventor. Maker. innovator.


       Product  Development



               Rapid Prototyping: 

        Apps, Modules, Robotics, 

                    Circuit Design, 

         Applied Material Science.  



            Functional Design 


                Modern Craft and


     Eco + Human Rights Conscious.  

          Sustainable Manufacturing.  


  Design Innovation. STEAM.

         Digital Technology.

         Rapid Prototyping.       

            New Media Arts. 

  Lectures. Workshops. Seminars.        University year/semester terms. 

    International- multi-lingual.



                      [Open Source] 


   Menstruation + Contraception


    Menstrual Cup   +  Diaphragm Series

           3D Printable.  Free Download.  


​    Support Women and Choice.




Greetings, Welcome to base camp.

 We use CAD CAM, Open Source electronics, material science along with traditions of craft, Jessica, the team, and her client's interface through material familiar and technology's cutting edge.  

Together we shorten the distance between commodity, instrument and individual, using computation, parametrics and data acquisition in order to advance an idealized world.  The projects erect a sensibility of our selves as “another” in order to create a greater understanding of our place in the spectrum of humanity - igniting participative action for an end of impeccable design.

"The work generates a charge, a magnetism that is completed by the polar complement - the user. The companies, individuals, researchers,  products, students and their institutions engage in environments that have a generative effect- evolving science with art , 

​ ... Culturing innovation through community. "  - Jessica Cobb